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    The Legendary Rusty Railway

    Not another hipster hostel. Fun, Reliable and Affordable Lodgings

  • Contact & Location

    94 Rainey Street

    Austin, TX 78701


    Phone: 512-931-4757

    WhatsApp +1 512-920-8716

  • Booking Request Form

    By Reservations Only

    Make an Offer Pricing. This is still Texas after all lets make you a good deal!

    1600 S 1st Street Austin Tx 78745
    10am-10pm Checkin By Appointment only
    +1 512-920-8716
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  • Rusty's Rule Book

    An Austin Tradition Since Forever!!

    We're Eclectic Sleepers Y'all ;)

    Be friendly. Introduce yourself around

    The eclectic Austin experience is a great way to meet locals and get great
    tips on places to see and go. Especially if you are a solo traveler and
    for those of us that are mostly traveling solo, a friendly hello or
    howdy! and an offer to go get a beer with you and your friends is quite

    Keep areas clean

    Your Mom isn’t there to pick up after you. Common areas, kitchens (especially),
    and please God, don’t eat in the dorm room and leave your smelly, dirty
    dishes there afterwords.

    Be Considerate of Others

    Look, this is simple and clearly the most violated rule of dorm and private
    rooms. From about midnight to 8 am, give or take, people are actually using the dorm room for sleeping. Try to be respectful of that. Don’t have a huge drunken conversation with your best buddy in the middle of the room at 3 a.m., when you get home from an “epic” night at the bar. Don’t party in the hallway right outside when people are trying to
    sleep. Just be peaceful. 

    No Sex Allowed In Dorms!

    Yes, we can hear you. Unless this is an activity that is done in one of our private
    rooms of course... And look, if you want to do it in public, don’t get all pissed off if Austonians pull up a chair and offer a play by play  critique. FYI — this particular prohibition includes having sex without a partner. It is never appropriate to hear “Fire one!” in a dorm room.

    The dorm is not your personal laundry room.

    No we don't allow dogs or pets of any kind. Please don’t string up a line down the middle of the room to dry your
    clothes. Even worse, don’t spread them out on my bed or hang them off my
    bed. I really don’t need to be that close to your wet socks after you got in from a five day hike. Take off your dirty shoes and boots at the door and if they smell leave them outside. If your feet smell leave then spray them down and put on some clean socks why don't you.

    I shouldn’t have to say this, but don’t steal anything

    Travel karma is a bitch and more importantly, there is a truly horrible place in hell for any roommate that steals from another.

    Speaking of travel karma, pay your tab when you checkin

    We are cool enough to let you sleep in late but please don't take advantage of your host, pay for another night if you want to sleep until 1 oclock in the
    afternoon. Try not to ruin it for those of us that aren’t trying to over
    step our kindness and appreciate common people trying to make a
    traveler’s life a little more exciting.

    If you are leaving in the morning… PLEASE pack your stuff up the night before. 

    Having someone pack their backpack at 5:30 a.m. is really, really, really annoying.

    This hostel is not clothing optional

    What is the deal with 20something guys just wandering around all day without
    shirts on? Yes, I’m sure the girls think you are “all that,” but put a damn shirt on and act like a grown up for once. Treat this place better then your own home please. Take off your dirty shoes and boots at the door and if they smell leave them outside. If your feet smell leave then spray them down and put on some clean socks why don't you.